TRS Govt behaving like ‘Taliban of Telangana’: Shabbir Ali

Hyderabad, August 2: Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir has accused of TRS Government of acting like ‘Taliban of Telangana’ in pursuing the agenda of erasing memoirs of previous regimes.

In a media statement, Shabbir Ali has strongly condemned the recent remarks of Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali who advocated demolition of historic Charminar. “Even Mughal emperor Aurangzeb spared Charminar when he conquered Golconda kingdom. While he demolished all beautiful palaces built by Qutb Shahi kings, he did not touch Charminar as it houses a mosque on the second floor. However, Deputy CM seems to be ignorant of this fact and wants the historic monument to be razed to ground to please his boss Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao,” he said.

Shabbir Ali said he had strong suspicion that KCR is influenced by some rulers who gained notoriety by destroying buildings constructed by their predecessors. “Even Taliban and ISIS militants demolished old buildings in their countries just to register their supremacy. Similarly, KCR expressed desire to demolish Secretariat, Chest Hospital and now Osmania General Hospital, built by Nizam of Hyderabad, to go into the history as the man who erased memorabilia of Asaf Jahi Dynasty. Interestingly, KCR boasts of being the biggest fan of last Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan,” he said.

The Congress leader said KCR must realise that he is not a monarch, but only a Chief Minister. “He tried to feel like a king by addressing the official Independence Day event from the ruins of Golconda Fort last year. He then purchased a new fleet of cars; spent lavishly on his office, residence and tours and even started speaking in aristocratic tone,” he said.

Shabbir Ali pointed out that KCR holds a Masters degree in Telugu Literature and not architecture. Therefore, KCR’s view that OGH building is crumbling and should be demolished holds no value. The State Government should constitute an expert committee to study the condition of OGH building and suggest measures for its preservation. “When more than 400 years old Qutb Shahi Tombs could be preserved, then why OGH building, built in 1919, cannot be protected. The State Government can construct a new hospital building in vast open space available in the OGH premises itself,” he said.

He said there are several old building across the country and world which are still being used as hospitals. Country’s one of the old hospital INHS (Indian Naval Hospital Ship) Asvini Hospital located in Colaba of Mumbai was built in 1756. St Bartholomew (founded in 1123), the Bethlem Royal Hospital (built in 1247) and the Royal Marsden (constructed in 1851), all located in London, are still serving as hospitals.

“The 16th century Mughal Emperor Humayun’s tomb was restored in an exemplary manner after six years of conservation works and 200,000 work days by master craftsmen. Similarly, why OGH building cannot be resorted?” he asked.

Shabbir Ali said KCR should prove his love and concern towards patients by releasing the promised funds of Rs. 100 crore each for OGH and Gandhi Hospital. He must come out with a White Paper on funds released for public health since he took over as Chief Minister. The mortality rate in public hospitals has touched a new peak since TRS came to power. He must show his sincerity by his actions and not by hollow announcements or display of extremist tendency of demolishing existing structures, he said.

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