Mohammed Ali Shabbir

Why no Muslim is appointed as VC? Shabbir asks CM KCR

  • Congress accuses KCR of pursuing hidden communal agenda
  • Shabbir alleges communal bias in lockdown violation cases

Hyderabad, May 23, 2021: Accusing Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao of pursuing a communal agenda, former minister & ex-Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir has strongly condemned Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao for the non-inclusion of a single Muslim among 10 Vice-Chancellors of different universities appointed on Saturday.

Shabbir Ali, in a media statement on Sunday, said that CM KCR makes tall claims about him being a secular leader. However, TRS Govt is implementing the communal agenda of BJP and RSS by denying top positions to people belonging to Muslim and other minority communities. He said CM KCR had ignored representation of Muslims in the appointment of a new body of Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC). Similarly, Muslim candidates were not considered in the appointment of VCs. KCR is simply avoiding Muslims and other minorities in various decision-making bodies or other authoritative positions, he alleged.

“KCR came to power in Telangana in 2014 on the promise of giving 12% reservation to Muslims in jobs and education. However, TRS Govt did not give even 1% of representation of Muslims in various bodies nominated by the State Government. It is highly unfortunate that KCR believes that no Muslim was capable of being a member of the Public Service Commission or head a University as its Vice-Chancellor,” he said.

Shabbir Ali alleged that KCR has been targeting the minority institutions ever since he became the Chief Minister. Almost 80% of the minority institutions of higher education were shut down ever since TRS came to power. Having ransacked the minority institutions, KCR is now executing a conspiracy to eradicate the presence of Muslims in various institutions,” he alleged.

The Congress leader also pointed out that many bodies dealing with minorities like the Haj Committee, Minorities Finance Commission, Urdu Academy were either headless or without a full-fledged body. “KCR is deliberately neglecting the minorities so as to minimise or eradicate their presence in general bodies and weaken the minority bodies,” he said adding that the Muslim leaders associated with TRS must do serious introspection and take a decision on whether or not to continue with the TRS.

“KCR Govt has demolished six mosques without any fear or regret. The CM did not honour the promise of reconstruction of demolished mosques at the Secretariat even after 20 months. He is openly pursuing a communal agenda of targeting Muslims and other minorities, their institutions and also their places of worship. However, he is misleading the community by making fake claims of being a secular leader,” he said.

Shabbir Ali also alleged communal bias in the registration of cases for violation of Covid-19 guidelines. He said a majority of cases in the State were booked in the South Zone (Old City of Hyderabad) and West Zone under Epidemic Act. A majority of thousands of vehicles seized during the lockdown period belong to the minorities. Most of the cases were false and the vehicles were seized only to cause economic hardship to the minorities, he alleged.

The Congress leader strongly condemned the over action by the police while implementing the ‘strict lockdown’ on Saturday. “Police officials, in many areas, went so aggressive that they allegedly harassed and even beat up the people who were exempted from restrictions as per the GOs issued by the State Government. The situation has turned so pathetic that ministers including Home Minister Mahmood Ali, IT Minister K. Tarakarama Rao and Energy Minister Jagadish Reddy went on record admitting their helplessness in controlling the police force and they had to request the DGP to direct his subordinates to follow the orders issued by the government,” he said.

“Today, DGP Mahender Reddy has Tweeted that “he held a review meeting with three Commissioners of police, regarding several requests flagged with ‘Disruption of essential services including food deliveries, etc., and directed them to ensure a seamless supply ahead, while executing the strict lockdown. Is he admitting that what happened on Saturday was wrong? Will the police release all the vehicles seized in the name of ‘strict lockdown’? Will the DGP take action against the police officials who went overboard and harassed the common people and even beat up some of them?” he asked.

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