Mohammed Ali Shabbir

KCR’s promotion of pub culture, belt shops spoiled Telangana’s youth: Congress

• Shabbir participates in ‘Raithu Rachabanda’ in Kamareddy Dist

Hyderabad, June 4, 2022: Former Minister & ex-Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir has accused Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao of ruining the lives and careers of Telangana’s youth by promoting pub culture in cities and belt shops in rural areas.

Addressing a series of meetings in Tippapur, Shivaipally, Somarampet, Singaraipally and Gudem villages as part of the Congress Raithu Rachabanda programme in Kamareddy district on Saturday, Shabbir Ali said that CM KCR has completely neglected the administration and focussed on easy sources of revenues. Instead of generating strong resources of income for the State in the last eight years, KCR Govt tried to manage the situation either by borrowing loans or by selling liquor. Consequently, today Telangana fell into a huge debt trap of over Rs. 5 lakh Crore and also its young generation got addicted to liquor and drugs, he alleged.

Shabbir Ali said that the KCR Govt mismanaged the State’s finances to the extent that today it has to depend on loans to pay salaries to its staff. The situation has turned worse despite KCR’s fake claims of Telangana being the ‘richest’ State in the country. Similarly, he said that the faulty Excise Policy of the TRS Govt has completely spoiled the lives of youth. Thousands of youth got addicted to liquor and drug consumption due to their easy availability. With an eye on easy revenue, TRS Govt granted permissions for thousands of pubs and bars in the urban areas while it permitted belt shops in rural areas. Consequently, the youth got addicted and the same pub culture is leading to other crimes like the recent gang-rape in Hyderabad. He demanded that stern action should be taken against those involved in the heinous act.

The Congress leader demanded that CM KCR submit a Status Report on the procurement of paddy in the State. He alleged that more than 50% of paddy cultivated in the season was yet to be procured. By delaying the procurement, the TRS Govt was forcing the farmers to sell off paddy at cheaper rates to the private buyers. He said KCR had a lot of time to waste on pursuing his ambition to enter national politics, but he has no time to review the status of paddy procurement.

Shabbir Ali also ridiculed the progress report released by CM KCR on the Telangana Formation Day and described it as a bundle of lies. He said that the Congress party would soon come up with a detailed reply to the fake claims of development made by the TRS Govt in its report. “KCR must realise that people have now understood all his tricks and tactics. Therefore, instead of exploring new stunts, he should adopt a realistic approach and serve the people during the time left for the completion of his second and last term. Congress is all set to return to power in the next elections,” he said.

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