Impose President’s Rule in Telangana to restore democracy: Shabbir

Hyderabad, June 11: Former Minister & ex-Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir on Thursday demanded imposition of President’s Rule in the State and alleged that democracy has been throttled by TRS Government.

Shabbir Ali, in a media statement, strongly condemned the house arrest of all top Congress leaders in view of the Chalo Secretariat call given by the Congress party to protest against the ineffective handling of Covid-19 situation by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao and the inflated the electricity bills. “A picket has been deployed at my residence in Jubilee Hills since early morning and I was told that I was under house arrest. The police officials had no valid reason to justify my house arrest and said they were just following the orders from their superiors,” he informed.

“Freedom of Expression is a fundamental right given by the Constitution of India. By placing the opposition leaders under house arrest, the KCR Government is trying to suppress their voice. Everyone has a right to express his/her views freely in a democratic manner. However, by keeping the leaders confined to their homes, TRS Government has unleashed a new era of dictatorship. This is totally undemocratic and we will wage a battle to restore democracy in Telangana,” he said.

Shabbir Ali said that the Congress party has been exposing the failures of the TRS Government in handling the situation that arose due to Coronavirus. He said the TRS Government has failed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and ruined the entire economy by imposing lockdown in an unplanned manner. Later, it announced relaxations again in an unplanned manner which boosted the number of Coronavirus cases across the State, especially Telangana. TRS Govt has totally failed to trace, test and treat the Covid-19 patients. Now it is afraid that its failures will be exposed if opposition is allowed to speak, he said.

The former minister said that the agitation by doctors of Gandhi Hospital has exposed KCR’s hollow claims on availability of facilities. He said doctors, who are the frontline warriors in battle against Covid-19, have clearly stated that there was not enough manpower to handle the rising number of Coronavirus cases. As against the claims of the Telangana Government having facilities of up to 80,000 beds and other equipment, the authorities are unable to handle even 2,000 cases. CM KCR has claimed that only 247 patients were admitted in Gandhi Hospital. But the doctors have exposed that there were not enough facilities or manpower to even handle 165 patients in the Intensive Care Units, he said.

He said people were burdened due to inflated and erratic electricity bills. He said it was inhuman to force people to pay huge power bills at a time when most of them have no money for food or survival. He said that the Congress leaders had plans to submit memorandums to Health and Energy Ministers on these issues. However, the TRS Govt kept them under house arrest so as to suppress their voice, he said.

“The negligent attitude and dictatorial behaviour of KCR Govt is a big threat for people’s lives in the present situation. Further, the continuance of TRS Govt is a threat to existence of democracy in Telangana. Therefore, the Governor should intervene into the matter and recommend the Centre to impose President’s Rule,” he demanded.

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