Follow Delhi and Sikkim Governor, refer disqualification cases to ECI, Urged by Sabbir & Revanth

Hyderabad, January 25: Sri Mohammed Ali Shabbir, LOP in TSLC today urged the Governor Sri E S L Narasimhan to refer the cases of six TRS MLAs holding ‘office of profit ‘ to Election commission as a violation sections of Articles 190,191 and 192 on the lines of his counterparts in Delhi and Sikkim.

Speaking to reporters at Raj Bhavan after submitting a memorandum along with Congress leader A.Revanth Reddy seeking their disqualification at the earliest the LOP asked Governor Narasimhan to uphold the constitution and protect the high standards of Indian democracy by endorsing the petition for disqualification of MLAs who were holding offices of Profit in Telangana in total violation of moral values and said clauses of the Indian constitution

He said after the ECI set aside the 20 AAP MLAs of Delhi on similar clauses, the Sikkim Governor N Shrinivas Patil has also referred case of 14 SDF MLAs to the ECI for necessary action.

The six TRS MLAs who were holding the offices of Parliamentary Secretaries D. Vinay Bhaskar, Jalagam Venkat Rao, V.Srinivas Goud, G. Kishore Kumar, V.Satish Kumar, and Kova Laxmi in Telangana were enjoying huge salaries and all the benefits of cabinet rank in total violation of the Article 190, 191, 192 and Article 102(1) (a), 103nof the constitution , he said .

He said the appointment of Parliamentary secretaries was made on 29/12/2014 and though was stayed by the AP High Court on 01/05/2015 all the six MLAs continued to enjoy the status of Cabinet Minister, defeating the very purpose of the 91st Amendment .” It is a backdoor entry and is in willful disobedience of the mandate of law as there is no legal power vested in the Government.

They said in the memorandum that the Governor should refer this application forthwith without adopting any dilatory tactics to favor the ruling party to the election commission and the election commission shall forthwith conduct an inquiry and disqualify the following members who have already incurred disqualification but for the complaint lodged by us.
He also cautioned that any deviation from the Constitutional duty and responsibility by any constitutional authority is amenable to the Revisional jurisdiction of the High Court as well as Supreme Court as held in S.R.Bommai’s Case.

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