The Struggle

Despite having good marks, a young Muslim boy is denied admission in an engineering college. But his close friend manages to get a seat despite having comparatively less marks. The reason: The other boy belonged to the Dalit community and SCs had reservation. Instead of feeling angry on being denied an opportunity, the boy resolves to fight to get reservation for poor members of Muslim community. He joins politics, becomes MLA and Minister at an young age and then uses his position to fulfill his dream of getting quota in…

The Impact of 4% Muslim Reservation

The implementation of 4% Muslim reservation has brought political empowerment of poor Muslims in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State. Hundreds of young Muslims were able to contest municipal and local bodies elections from the seats reserved for Backward Classes. Click Here to know the full details.

The Journey of 4% Muslim Quota

The journey to achieve 4% reservation for Muslims in Andhra Pradesh (now divided into AP and Telangana) was too long with full of obstacles. There were many hurdles at every step. However, it was the firm resolve to ensure empowerment of poor Muslims that enabled implementation of 4% quota for poor Muslims in government jobs and educational institutions. Click Here to see the journey.

The Story of 4% Muslim Reservation

Thousands of poor Muslim students benefited from the 4% reservation in jobs and education introduced and implemented by the then Congress Government in undivided Andhra Pradesh in 2004. Click here to know the details.