Sack officials and minister responsible for inter exam goof up, says Shabbir Ali

Hyderabad, April 21: Senior Telangana Congress leader Sri Mohammed Ali Shabbir today held the lopsided and inefficient handling of inter exams results by the Telangana Government as solely responsible for the spate of suicides of inter students in the last few days across the state.

In a statement, Shabbir Ali said 12 students of Telangana in all had allegedly ended their life over their Poor or wrong results in the Inter exams . This is not an isolated happening as scores of students are wasting their lives due to mishandling of competitive exams of SSLC, Inter and TPSC by the TRS Government held in Telangana over last few months. ‘ Why no action is taken on Private agencies ( hired at instance Of KTR ) and officials handling the affairs ? ‘ , he quipped.

He said it was utter shame that government had no answer to the travails of students and parents who staged a protest dharna at the Telangana board of intermediate education recently accusing the officials of inefficiency and mishandling of the crucial exercise of assessment and results.

He demanded that the CM should take stern action on both the concerned officials of the .Board and also sack the concerned minister fir lack of effective supervision and guidance to officials

He said the congress party was fully sympathetic to bereaved parents and other students and offered full support and assistance to fight their issue of KCR governments misrule at all levels.

The former Congress minister and LoP in TSLC said KCR Government has successively for last six years failed to conduct any public exams properly and is responsible for untimely deaths and untold mental agony and torture, ‘ Not a single public exams have been fairly and faultlessly conducted in Telangana ‘.

He said both KCR and KTR were playing with lives of students and youth by handing over the conduction of crucial educational system and institutions in Telangana to private agencies and inefficient officials.Such misguided appointments and hiring of incompetent private agencies have ruined the educational standards , institutions and systems in the state with disastrous impact on future and lives of youth and students in the state.

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