Beware of Saffron Dragon, Shabbir cautions KCR

  • KCR squandering public money
  • Spending only on commission getting projects

Hyderabad, June 21: Former Leader of Opposition in TSLC and senor congress leader Mohammed Ali Shabbir today slammed the KCR government for misleading people on Kaleswaram project which was being launched today with big fanfare but no water and tall clams .

In a press statement today he said the goody-goody relations with AP, Odisha , and Maharashtra the CM KCR was trumpeting with tall claims was just whitewashing of true happenings on the ground at Kalleshwaram project site. “Both upstream states had agreed for the project only after reducing the height of the Medigadda barrage which was detrimental to interests of Telengana but only Maharashtra,” ” he said .

Commenting on the high cost of the incomplete project, the Congress leader said what began with a project estimate of Rs.. 35,000 crore, the cost was increased to Rs. 82,500 crore and KCR govt with its regime of commissions and kickbacks has pegged the project cost to a whopping Rs. 1.20 lakh crore . “ The Kaleshwaram project is a paradise to contractors and no the farmers and it is a falsehood that the project will irrigate 25 lakh acres more,” he said .

The veteran Congress leader said that all the KCRs dream projects of KCR would cost the state exchequer and the wastage of public money like the Rs.500 crore on construction of new buildings for secretariat and the state Assembly .While there is zero investment in industrial infrastructure sector. KCR Govt spent Rs. 500 crore palatial bungalow Pragathi Bhavan for himself, luxury cars and bus worth Rs. 10 crore, New quarters for MLAs at a cost of nearly Rs. 150 crore.

He said it was an utter waste to invest in new buildings for assembly when the KCR govt conducted hardly 20 days sessions. Instead, the same money could be used to buil;d 10,000 DBR houses for poor .

He said KCR is giving away government land just like Jagirs were doled out by the Nizams. He is giving 5 acres of land to Film director N. Shankar for constructing a studio at Rs. 5 lakh per acre as a gratis for role in Telangana movement. “What a shame that while the families of Telangana martyrs or the students who participated in the statehood movemen are languishing, KCR is feeding fruits of Telangana agitation to Corporate honchos and land mafia .

Sri Shabbir said that it is shameful that KCR Govt is wasting money on non-important things and borrowing huge loans on high interest for important things.KCR made state in to debts of Rs. 2 Lakh Cr from Rs. 60,000 Cr at the time of state formation. KCR is spending public money publicity ,irrigatinetc wherever there is kickbacks and ignoring and Welfare, Health and education sectors were totally neglected.

He also charged the TRS and BJP of an unholy tie up in parliament elections which is why center allowed KCR to hold assembly polls six months ahead of schedule KCR should watch out about big brother Modi and BJP who have been gradually eroding the regional parties. Look what happened to TDP Rajyasabha members now or Shiv Sena in Maharashtra or JD(S) in Bihar. Same fate would befall the TRS also soon, he predicted.

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